Thursday, 30 April 2009

Road Trip

Forgive my first attempt at writing on my own blog. I always intended this to be for pictures only but as my Road Trip through the USA is underway I feel I should try and get something written down - just as much for my own benefit (as not to forget where/when/how in a few years time) as anyone else's.

So. In a nutshell - after quite a snap decision in the UK - Florence Raymond, Jessica Underwood, Ashley Fletcher jetted to the US of A and myself picked up our 29 foot motor home (initially called Cilla and now named Betty) from New Jersey on the 25th April.

Here goes:

Day 1 -

We are told it is not actually illegal to walk around the RV (Recreational Vehicle) while it is moving. However it is perhaps not entirely sensible to get on the sofa and dance ferociously to Jentina's Bad Ass Strippa (thanks to Katie for that surprise of a gem on the mix CD) while driving down Highway number 95 at 70mph. This somehow blends into a group choreographed exercise routine to the sounds of MIA - as we get stuck in 2 hours of traffic I swear I can just sense how jealous all the locals are in their cars around us.

Sun sets and we realise its time to pull up for the night at the ominously named Gunpowder Falls State Park in Maryland. As we drive down several miles of abandoned country road we fear we are lost and pull into a(n equally abandoned) school car park to try and get our bearings. Low and behold a friendly looking local pops out from nowhere so we call him over for help. We wind down our window.

"Hi Sir, could you tell us the way to Gunpowder Falls"

As aforementioned stranger tries to lurch onto Flo through the window he yells "ERRRRRRRRR. What? I've got no idea. I've just been getting fucked at the bar"

Suddenly remembering how our parents told us never to speak to strangers, we pull off rather hastily. It was perhaps the first time an RV has ever done 0-60 in under 10 seconds.

So where did we find shelter? A Car Park in Baltimore. At 11pm we get a knock on the window from the patrolman.

"You guys are ok here under the light - don't worry. I wouldn't move anywhere furthere back in the lot though, it gets pretty rough - most of the guys round here can't even spell MGM bacwards."

It looks like the adventure is just beginning.

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